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Looking for life in the image of life

När jag är nyfiken står tiden still

10 March 1979
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"Jag Gillar Sånt Som Ingen Bryr Sig Om"

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This journal is dead...or...well inactive. If you're interested, you can now find me on http://recordsmakegreatpets.blogspot.com where more of the same thing goes on, just a bit less personal drama.

80's, abandoned buildings, alasdair roberts, arab strap, art brut, artrocker, august strindberg, bah, baxendale, belle and sebastian, blonde redhead, bob hund, bobby conn, bonnie "prince" billie, brakes, brick lane, broken social scene, bromheads jacket, camera obscura, cars can be blue, cat power, collages, daniel johnston, discombobulating circumstances, doing nothing, east london, empty benches, fassbinder, filmjölk, films, german films, glasgow, gothenburg, göteborg, hal hartley, harmony korine, hello saferide, henry miller, hmmmm, hoobs, hooby-run-and-yell, independent film-making, independent films, ingmar bergman, j+j+j, jens lekman, john cassavetes, kanda, larry clark, lars von trier, lasse lindh, laurel music, lillstrumpa och syster yster, liz phair, london, malcolm middleton, moaning, monorchid, movies, okkervil river, orange cobra-shaped shoe horns, oxford, pelle carlbergh, photography, pillows, pit er pat, porn disguised as art, q and not u, quasi, rainer werner fassbinder, randomness, refused, saltlakrits, scrap books, second-hand bookshops, seven-inches, shoreditch, short films, shout out louds, showgirls, silliness, silly things, smell of coffee, spice weasels, spreading confusion, stuff, super-8 stuff, sweden, sånt-som-ingen-bryr-sig-om, teletext art, terry richardson, the chalets, the delgados, the evens, the faint, the mekons, the pipettes, the ponys, the robot ate me, the shins, thingies, things, troma, urban ruins, vice magazine, vintage clothes, vinyl, werner herzog, whatchamacallit, whatever, writing