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Just saying Hi for now... [Sep. 21st, 2007|02:05 pm]
Hello to whoever is still around..

It's been 51 weeks since my last update and I'm not quite sure why I decided to return today or I'm going to stick around.

Anyway, I'm glad to see that some of you still seem to be active.

I have an assload to work to do at the moment, but I shall return a bit later with something a bit more inspired...
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Final post...time to move on [Sep. 28th, 2006|11:33 am]
Hi kids...

I haven't been around much lately, because I haven't felt like writing for a long time. Then yesterday, I finally decided that I wanted to rant about life again and share whatever excitement I find on the Net with the rest of the world.

But, I think my LiveJournal life is over, for now anyway. I'm going to leave my LJ account open, cause it might be fun to look back at it one day.....I might even return to it at some point...but for now...it's over.

Bye for now. Take care.

Oh yes...I am guilty of being on myspace [hangs head in shame] - http://www.myspace.com/drnik - so if you want to stay in touch.....add me! haha.
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Hello there...I am alive [Aug. 14th, 2006|10:18 am]
Soooo....I finally sent off a list with most my DVD's and CD's to have them evaluated. This is what I listed:

DVD List

1. Airheads
2. Alf – Season 1 (Region 1)
3. All The Real Girls
4. American Movie (Region 1)
5. Amores Perros
6. Another Day In Paradise
7. Army Of Darkness
8. Asylum Erotica
9. Before Sunrise/Before Sunset (Box set)
10. Bio-Dome
11. Bottle Rocket
12. Bouncing Souls – Do You Remember?
13. Brasseye
14. Breathless
15. Bring It On
16. Bubba Ho-Tep
17. Bully
18. Burden Of Dreams (Criterion Collection, Region 1)
19. Burn To Shine – Chicago
20. Burn To Shine – Washington D.C.
21. Carandiru
22. Chopper
23. Chuck & Buck (Region 1)
24. Clerks (3-disc, 10th Anniversary Edition)
25. Conan O’Brian – 10th Anniversary Special (Region 1)
26. Conan O’Brian – Best Of Triumph The Insult Comic Dog (Region 1)
27. Cries And Whispers
28. Dancer In The Dark (Special Edition, Region 1)
29. Dark Days
30. David Blaine – Above The Below
31. Dazed And Confused
32. Dogville
33. Donnie Darko
34. Dude, Where’s My Car?
35. El Mariachi / Desperado
36. Elf
37. Erin Brockovich
38. Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind
39. Europa
40. Even Dwarfs Started Small
41. Evil Dead
42. Evil Dead 2
43. Family Guy – Season 1
44. Fanny And Alexander
45. Fear Of A Punk Planet - volume 1
46. First Blood
47. First Blood II
48. Freddy Vs. Jason
49. From Dusk Till Dawn
50. From The Life Of The Marionettes
51. Futurama – Season 1
52. Futurama – Season 2
53. Futurama – Season 3
54. Futurama – Season 4
55. Garden State
56. George Washington
57. Ghost World
58. Gleaming The Cube
59. Gray’s Anatomy (Region 1)
60. Greaser’s Palace (Region 1)
61. Guttermouth-The Show Must Go Off
62. Hang The VJ
63. Harold And Maude
64. Heart Of Glass
65. Henry Rollins Shock And Awe
66. Herzog/Kinski Box set
67. Aguirre The Wrath Of God
68. Nosferatu
69. Woyzeck
70. Fitzcarraldo
71. Cobra Verde
72. My Best Fiend
73. His Girl Friday
74. Hot Shots / Hot Shots Part Deux
75. In A Year With 13 Moons (Region 1)
76. Ivansxtc
77. Jackass The Movie
78. Jam
79. Julien Donkey-Boy
80. Kafka (French release, Region 2)
81. Katzelmacher (German release, optional English Subtitles, Region 2)
82. Ken Park (Swedish release, optional English sub-titles, Region 2)
83. Kids
84. La Jetee / Sans Soleil
85. Last Night
86. Last Year At Marienbad (Region 1)
87. Lessons Of Darkness / Fata Morgana (Region 1)
88. Lilya 4-Ever
89. Lost In Translation
90. Made (Region 1)
91. Made In Britain
92. Manhattan
93. Meantime
94. Monster In The Closet
95. Monty Python And The Holy Grail
96. Mulholland Drive
97. Mystery Men
98. Napoleon Dynamite
99. Night Of The Living Dead
100. No Man’s War
101. Noisy! The First Punkervision Comp
102. Office Space
103. Orange County
104. Orphans
105. Out Of Sight
106. Paris, Texas
107. Pi
108. Pioneers In Ingolstadt (Region 1)
109. Plan 9 From Outer Space
110. Platoon
111. Punk-O-Rama Volume 1
112. Querelle
113. Rambo III
114. Requiem For A Dream
115. Revenge Of The Nerds / Revenge Of The Nerds II
116. Rock N Roll High School
117. Roots
118. Rosemary’s Baby
119. Rushmore (Criterion Collection, Region 1)
120. Secret Weapons Of Kung Fu 1
121. Secret Weapons Of Kung Fu 2
122. Session 9 (Region 1)
123. Showgirls
124. Spaced – Season 1
125. Spaced – Season 2
126. Spongebob Squarepants – Season 1 (Region 1)
127. Spun
128. Stalker
129. Storytelling
130. Stroszek
131. Sweatin’ To The Oldies
132. Swingers (Region 1)
133. Tape
134. Team America: World Police
135. That Darn Punk
136. The Adam And Joe Show
137. The Gods Must Be Crazy 1 / The Gods Must Be Crazy 2
138. The Kingdom – Season 1
139. The Limey
140. The Party
141. The Royal Tenenbaums (Criterion Collection, Region 1)
142. The Seventh Seal
143. The Simpsons – Season 1
144. The Simpsons – Season 2
145. The Simpsons – Season 3
146. The Simpsons – Season 4
147. The Spongebob Squarepants Movie
148. The Virgin Suicides
149. The Wicker Man – The Director’s Cut
150. Together
151. Traffic
152. Tune On, Tune-In, Lookout
153. Twin Peaks – Season 1 (Region 1)
154. Waking Life
155. Way Of The Gun
156. Whity (Region 1)
157. Wild At Heart
158. Y Tu Mama Tambien
159. Zoolander (Region 1)

CD List

1. 200 Proof Punk (Comp)
2. Alasdair Roberts – No Earthly Man
3. All/Descendents – Live (2 CD)
4. Aqua – Aquarium
5. Arab Strap – Monday At The Hug & Pint
6. Arab Strap – The Last Romance
7. Audio Karate – Space Camp
8. Bad Astronaut – Houston, We Have A Drinking Problem
9. Bad Brains – Banned In DC
10. Bad Religion – 80-85
11. Bad Religion – Against The Grain
12. Bad Religion – Generator
13. Bad Religion – Recipe For Hate
14. Bad Religion – Stranger Than Fiction
15. Bad Religion – Suffer
16. Bad Religion – The Gray Race
17. Bad Religion – The New America
18. Bad Religion – The Process Of Belief
19. Ballboy – A Guide For The Daylight Hours
20. Ballboy – The Sash My Father Wore And Other Stories
21. Baxendale – You Will Have Your Revenge
22. Beastie Boys – Anthology: The Sound Of Science
23. Belle & Sebastian – Dear Catastrophe Waitress
24. Belle & Sebastian – Fold Your Hands Child, You Walk Like A Peasant
25. Belle & Sebastian – Tigermilk
26. Bergman Rock – s/t
27. Bink 182 – Dude Ranch
28. BioDome – Soundtrack (Comp)
29. Blink 182 – Cheshire Cat
30. Blink 182 – Enema Of The State
31. Blink 182 – Take Off Your Pants And Jacket
32. Bloodhound Gang – Use Your Fingers
33. Bluetip – Polymer
34. Bluetip – Post Mortem Anthem
35. Bobby Conn – The Golden Age
36. Bobby Conn & The Glass Gypsies
37. Bombshell Rocks – From Here And On
38. Bouncing Souls – Anchors Aweigh
39. Bouncing Souls – How I spent My Sumer Vacation
40. Box Car Racer – s/t
41. Bright Eyes – Fevers And Mirrors
42. Bright Eyes – Letting Off The Happiness
43. Bright Eyes – Lifted: Or The Story Is In The Soil Keep Your Ear To The Ground
44. Broken Social Scene – You Forgot It In People
45. Built To Spill – Keep It Like A Secret
46. Bullet Union – Ruin’s Domino
47. C.AARME – s/t
48. Camera Obscura – Biggest Bluest Hi-Fi
49. Camera Obscura – Under Achievers Please Try Harder
50. Charta 77 – The Beauty Is In The Beholder’s Eyes
51. Cheap Shots (Comp)
52. D4 – Twenty
53. Dag Nasty – Wig Out At Denkos
54. Dance Hall Crashers – Honey, I’m Homely
55. Dead Kenedys – Plastic Surgery Disaster/In God We Trust Inc.
56. Dead Kennedys – Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables
57. Descendents – All
58. Descendents – Cool To Be You
59. Descendents – Everything Sucks
60. Descendents – I Don’t Wanna Grow Up
61. Descendents – Milo Goes To College
62. Descendents – Somery
63. Devo – Hot Potatoes: The Best Of Devo
64. Diesel Boy – Venus Envy
65. Down By Law – Punkrockdays: The Best Of DBL
66. Dr Frank – Show Business Is My Life
67. Dr. Alban – The Best Of
68. Dropkick Murphys – Do Or Die
69. Dwarves – Come Clean
70. El Guapo – Fake French
71. Electric Six – Fire
72. Elliott Smith – From A Basement On The Hill
73. Fat Music Volume 1 – Fat Music For Fat People (Comp)
74. Fat Music Volume II – Survival Of The Fattest (Comp)
75. Fat Music Volume III – Physical Fatness (Comp)
76. Fat Music Volume IV – Life In The Fat Lane (Comp)
77. Fat Music Volume V – Live Fat Die Young (Comp)
78. Fat Music Volume VI – Uncontrollable Fatulence (Comp)
79. Fleshies – Kill The Dreamer’s Dream
80. Fuck-Off Machete – My First Machete
81. Fugazi – 13 Songs
82. Fugazi – In On The Kill Taker
83. Fugazi – Repeater + 3 Songs
84. Fugazi – Steady Diet Of Nothing
85. Fugazi – The Argument
86. Give’em The Boot II (Comp)
87. Go – Soundtrack (Comp)
88. Good Riddance – A Comprehensive Guide To Moderne Rebellion
89. Good Riddance – Operation Phoenix
90. Good Riddance – Symptoms Of A Leveling Spirit
91. Green Day – American Idiot
92. Green Day – Dookie
93. Green Day – Insomniac
94. Green Day – Nimrod
95. Green Day – Shananigans
96. Green Day – Warning
97. Guttermouth – Covered With Ants
98. Guttermouth – Eat Your Face
99. Guttermouth – Friendly People
100. Guttermouth – Gorgeous
101. Guttermouth – Gusto
102. Guttermouth – Live At The Pharmacy
103. Guttermouth – Musical Monkey
104. Guttermouth – Teri Yakimoto
105. Guttermouth – The Album Formerly Known As A Full-Length LP
106. Henry Rollins – Think Tank
107. Herman Dune – Not On Top
108. Honest Don’s Greatest Shits (Comp)
109. Hot Snakes – Audit In Progress
110. Husker Du – Everything Falls Apart And More
111. Husker Du – Warehouse: Songs And Stories
112. Husker Du – Zen Arcade
113. Iron Maiden – Best Of The Beast
114. Jenny On The Planet – s/t
115. Johnny Cash – s/t
116. Josh Freese – The Notorious One Man Orgy
117. Lag Wagon – Hoss
118. Laurel Music – This Night And The Next
119. Leadbelly – Midnight Special
120. Liars – Threw Us In The Fire And Stuck A Monument On Top
121. Liz Phair – Exile In Guyville
122. Make Up – Save Yourself
123. Malcolm Middleton – 5:14 Fluoxtine Seagull Alcohol John Nicotine
124. Man…Or Astro-Man – Destroy All Astromen
125. Mattias Hellberg – s/t
126. Me First & The Gimme Gimmes – Blow In The Wind
127. Medications – Your Favorite People All In One Place
128. Mekons – So Good It Hurts
129. Milemarker – Frigid Forms Sell
130. Millencolin – Life On A Plate
131. Millencolin – Pennybridge Pioneers
132. Millencolin – Tiny Tunes
133. Minor Threat – Complete Discography
134. Minutemen – Introducing The Minutemen
135. Moneybrother – To Die Alone
136. Monty Python’s Life Of Brian – Soundtrack
137. Nerf Herder – How To Meet Girls
138. Nerf Herder – My E.P. (6 song EP)
139. Nerf Herder – s/t
140. Neutral Milk Hotel – On Avery Island
141. Nirvana – Bleach
142. Nirvana – Incesticide
143. Nirvana – Nevermind
144. Nirvana – Outcesticide
145. No Fun At All – Out Of Bounds
146. No Fun At All – Stranded (5 song EP)
147. No Fun At All – Vision (
148. NOFX – 45 or 46 Songs That Weren’t Good Enough To Go On Our Other Records
149. NOFX – Animal Liberation
150. NOFX – Heavy Petting Zoo
151. NOFX – Maximum Rock N’Roll
152. NOFX – Pump Up The Valuum
153. NOFX – Punk In Drublic
154. NOFX – Ribbed
155. NOFX – S&M Airlines
156. NOFX – So Long And Thanks For All The Shoes
157. NOFX – The War On Errorism
158. NOFX – White Trash, Two Heebs And A Bean
159. Okkervil River – Black Sheep Boy
160. Pansy Division – More Lovin From Our Oven
161. Paul Westerberg – Mono/Stereo (2CD)
162. Pavement – Crooked Rain Crooked Rain
163. Pelle Carlberg – Everything, Now!
164. Pennywise – About Time
165. Pennywise – Full Circle
166. Pennywise – Land Of The Free
167. Pennywise – Straight Ahead
168. Pit Er Pat – Shakey
169. Polysics – Polysics Or Die!!!
170. Propagandhi – How To Clean Everything
171. Propagandhi – Less Talk, More Rock
172. Propagandhi – Today’s Empires, Tomorrow’s Ashes
173. Punk-O-Rama 3 (Comp)
174. Quasi – Field Studies
175. Ramones – The Anthology (2CD+Book)
176. Randy – The Human Atom Bombs
177. Randy – The Rest Is Silence
178. Randy – There’s No Way We’re Gonna Fit In
179. Randy – Welfare Problems
180. Red Eyed Legends – Mutual Insignificance
181. Red Eyed Legends – The High I Feel When I’m Low
182. Refused – Songs To Fan The Flames Of Discontent
183. Refused – The Shape Of Punk To Come
184. Requiem For A Dream – Soundtrack
185. Revenge Of The Nerds – Soundtrack (Comp)
186. Rites Of Spring – End On End
187. Rival Schools – United By Fate
188. Rock Against Bush (Comp)
189. Rushmore – Soundtrack (Comp)
190. Saves The Day – Through Being Cool
191. Screeching Weasel – Bark Like A Dog
192. Screeching Weasel – How To Make Enemies And Irritate People
193. Screeching Weasel – Thank You Very Little
194. Shooting At Unarmed Men – Soon There Will Be
195. Short Music For Short People (Comp)
196. Shout Out Louds – Howl Howl Gaff Gaff
197. Shudder To Think – Funeral At The Movies + Ten Spot
198. Skull Kontrol – Deviate Beyond All Means Of Capture
199. Skull Kontrol – ZZZZZZZZ
200. Smash Mouth – Astro Lounge
201. Smash Mouth – Fush Yu Mang
202. Snapcase – Progression Through Unlearning
203. Social Distortion – Live At The Roxy
204. Social Distortion – Mommy’s Little Monster
205. Swingers – Soundtrack (Comp)
206. T.S.O.L. – Beneath The Shadows
207. Taxi Driver – Soundtrack
208. Tegan And Sara – So Jealous
209. Ten Foot Pole – Bad Mother Trucker
210. Ten Foot Pole – Unleashed
211. Test Icicles – For Screening Purposes Only
212. That Darn Punk – Movie Soundtrack (Comp)
213. The “Gone With The Wind” Of Punk Rock Samplers
214. The Ataris - …Anywhere But Here
215. The Ataris – Blue Skies, Broken Hearts…Next 12 Exits
216. The Ataris – End Is Forever
217. The Ataris – Look Forward To Failure (5 song EP)
218. The Best Of Top Of The Pops 1979 (Comp)
219. The Bloodhound Gang – Hurray For Boobies
220. The Bloodhound Gang – One Fierce Beer Coaster
221. The Buzzcocks – Singles: Going Steady
222. The Cassettes – s/t
223. The Chalets – Check In
224. The Delgados – Hate
225. The Essex Green – The Long Goodbye
226. The Evens – s/t
227. The Faint – Danse Macabre (2 CD)
228. The Faint – Wet From Birth
229. The Go-Nuts – Dunk And Cover
230. The Good Life – Album Of The Year
231. The Good Life – Lovers Need Lawyers (EP)
232. The International Noise Conspiracy – A New Morning, Changing Weather
233. The International Noise Conspiracy – Survival Sickness
234. The Locust – Plaguesoundscapes
235. The Locust – Safety Second, Body Last (EP)
236. The Magnetic Fields – 69 Love Songs (3 CD)
237. The Misfits – Misplaced Stories
238. The Misfits – Static Age
239. The Monorchid – Who Put Out The Fire?
240. The Mopes – Accident Waiting To Happen
241. The Mr T Experience – And The Women Who Love Them
242. The Mr T Experience – Love Is Dead
243. The Mr T Experience – Our Bodies Our Selves
244. The Mr T Experience – Revenge Is Sweet And So Is You
245. The Mr T Experience – Yesterday Rules
246. The Offspring – Americana
247. The Offspring – Smash
248. The Paper Chase – God Bless Your Black Heart
249. The Ponys – Celebration Castle
250. The Promise Ring – 30 Degrees Everywhere
251. The Promise Ring – Very Emergency
252. The Promise Ring – Wood/Water
253. The Queers – A Day Late And A Dollar Short
254. The Queers – Don’t Back Down
255. The Queers – Punk Rock Confidential
256. The Replacements – Hootenanny
257. The Replacements – Let It Be
258. The Replacements – Pleased To Meet Me
259. The Replacements – Sorry Ma, Forgot To Take Out The Trash
260. The Replacements – Stink
261. The Robot Ate Me – On Vacation (2CD)
262. The Simpsons – Songs In The Key Of Springfield
263. The Sounds – Living In America
264. The Soundtrack Of Our Lives – Behind The Music
265. The Soundtrack Of Our Lives – Welcome To The Infant Freebase
266. The Tarantino Connection (Comp)
267. The Vandals – Fear Of A Punk Planet
268. The Vandals – Hitler Bad, Vandals Good
269. The Vandals – Hollywood Potato Chip
270. The Vandals – Look What I almost Stepped In
271. The Vandals – Oi! To The World
272. The Vandals – The Quickening
273. The Vaselines – All The Stuff And More
274. The Washdown – Yes To Everything
275. Tim Fite – Gone Ain’t Gone
276. Tokyo Sex Destruction – 5th Avenue South
277. Tom Waits – Rain Dogs
278. Tom Waits – Swordfishtrombones
279. Twenty Years Of Dischord (2CD+Book – Comp)
280. Twin Peaks – Soundtrack
281. Twisted Sister – Big Hits And Nasty Cuts
282. Unwritten Law – Elva
283. Unwritten Law – Here’s To The Mourning
284. Unwritten Law – Oz Factor
285. Unwritten Law – s/t
286. Violent Femmes – Add It Up (1981–1993)
287. Violent Femmes – Freak Magnet
288. Weezer – Maladroit
289. Weezer – Pinkerton
290. Weezer – The Blue Album
291. Weezer – The Green Album
292. Weird War – Illuminated By The Light
293. Wire – Pink Flag

...And this is what they offered meCollapse )

In other news...everything is peachy. Life is like a nice apple pie with vanilla ice crea. I'm going to Sweden on Thursday. Yes.
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I am alive... [Jul. 20th, 2006|09:35 am]
[mood |nervousnervous]

Dear LJ buddies...

I apologize for being rubbish and never posting anything or even reading anybody else's posts. I can't even remember last time I logged on, but I think I wrote some sort of semi-retarded post last week.

Anyway, not much is new. The weather is still ridiculously hot, I have no money, I hate my job, I'm very much in love, I've been happy alot, sad a bit, I have extreme mood swings, get paranoid easily etc etc. Just being Nik, I guess.

I killed my myspace profile the other day....or deleted all the info on it anyway. I just looked at it and it made me feel sick. Just the idea that I was trying to make myself out to be some sort of uber-happy, cutesy, twee man-child...lol....which I can be, and have been quite alot recently, but it's half the story....and it all just felt terribly fake and I don't know who I was trying to attract or impress or whatever...so fuck it...at the moment I don't even have a photo....I'm a question mark...I'll see what I put up there...it is quite a handy place for keeping in touch with people

Also, I'm seriously considering doing something that is guaranteed to make me severely depressed. I'm gonna write a list of all my DVD's and try to sell them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or at least see how much I will get for them. Eek! I wouldn't want to be near me when this happens. The plan is to sell most of my earthly possessions and try to buy a laptop. Unfortunately, my DVD player and Gamecube+games drowned in the famous flood of June 2006...but I wouldn't get much for them anyway, cause they were ancient. I guess then the plan is to make copies of all the CDs I want to keep and sell all the originals as well.

But whyyyyyyyyyyyy? you ask. Well, the short answer is "I have too much stuff". The long answer is "I have too much stuff and I have no idea how and where I would like to spend the next few years of my life and getting rid of most of this stuff will make it a hell of a lot easier to do things"....and most of it is just sitting there gathering dust anyway...

Soo...hmmm..what I'm planning to get rid of:

  • 120+ DVDs
  • 500+ CDs
  • 50+ seven-inches (some quite rare) - the thought of losing these actually hurt most, so maybe I'll keep them.
  • 30+ 12" singles and LPs (same there...eek!)
  • Gibson electric guitar + amp + hard case + soft case
  • Boxes and boxes of books
  • Random bits and bobs, such as super-8 cameras, toys, games, other cameras, clothes
  • One really crappy laptop
  • Sony mini HiFi

Surely, I should be able to get some sort of money for all this, using a combination of second-hand shops and ebay.

Anyway, I've been seriously neglecting my job these last few days....and even though I hate it intensely, I have no desire to get sacked...so today I think I should actually try to be a bit productive...
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There are plots against people, aren't there? [Jul. 10th, 2006|02:30 pm]
[mood |happyhappy]

It's been an amazingly lovely and relaxing weekend...some things and thoughts from the past three days.

  • The Roxy is pretty much the worst bar ever. However, they have cheap happy hours so I forgive them. Unfortunately, even though their cocktails are cheap, they are still absolute pants.
  • No matter how much I like this whole veggie thing I've got going (no meat in over two months!!) veggie burgers are still Satan's food. Yuck.
  • Elizabeth cut my hair with big kitchen scissors (well, kinda...biggish anyway) and did a better job than most barbers. Yayness.
  • This means I now have short hair again.
  • Ice cream is the bestest ever.
  • I made Swedish pancakes for Elizabeth and her flatmate on Saturday. Pancakes with ice cream is also the bestest thisng ever.
  • Mature cheddar cheese on digestive biscuits is pretty much the best thing ever.
  • I eat too much crap.
  • Soup is the pretty much the best thing ever.
  • I've had soup at some point every day since last Monday.
  • Maybe I should aim for a little more variety in my diet.
  • Or maybe not.
  • We're going to see Shooting At Un-Armed Men today. It should be awesome....because they are just that.
  • John Cassavetes is the coolest man ever.
  • Harmony Korine's upcoming film Mister Lonely looks like the bestest film ever as proven by this photo.

    Werner Herzog and Harmony Korine. The former, one of the most amazing people to ever live and the latter one of very few interesting young filmmakers today. And haha yes that is David Blaine in the middle. Awesome.
  • My garndmother has already phoned me to let me know where she'll hide the spare key in case she's not in when me and Elizabeth egts to Gothenburg in five weeks. Haha.
  • The Greenwich Picturehouse is a lovely cinema...one of the nicest I've been to in a long time.
  • Fellini's La Dolce Vita is painfully long and the whole hour in the middle could be lost without doing any greater harm.
  • I wish France had won the World Cup.
  • I don't care about football, so the above point doesn't really bother me.
  • Canary Wharf is like a completely different planet to the rest of London.
  • Björk is really pleasant.
  • My friend Peter made me a hand puppet in the shape of a cat. Yayness.
  • We're going to see Tony Law next Monday. He's funny. I haven't been to a comedy show in ages.
  • Buck 65 is soundtracking David Lynch's Eraserhead in two weeks. This sounds extremely interesting.
  • Swans, eh? Crazy.
  • Ok....enough...do some work. I shall.
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(no subject) [Jul. 6th, 2006|11:55 am]
[mood |happyhappy]

Funny day yesterday. Funny weird rather than funny haha and not funny weird in a good way. For some reason I just felt uncomfortable and a bit shite most of the day. I always feel kinda sad and weird when I work at the hmmm…I don’t actually know what the company is called…anyway…it’s this other market research company and I do Swedish typing and translation for them every now and then. It’s just one of those ginormous open plan offices with cubicles and whenever I enter the premises I’m just reminded of what a fucking failure I am in certain aspects of life. I DON’T WANT TO BE A FUCKING TEMP ANYMORE.

Ewww….brief interruption….I’ve been staring at a box of amazing-looking chocolate chip cookies for ages and I finally decided to go and get one, only to realize that had been poisoned with raisins. What the fuck is wrong with people? Who eats raisins? They’re like the sweet equivalent of the pickle in McDonald’s burgers.

Anyway…yes…after working in this other office I’m always in a shitty mood, so I spent most of the day just being bitter in general, you know hating the world and all that pop.

But, despite the general shittyness it was actually a rather productive day. I went running after work for the first time in three weeks or something….I pretty much thought I was going to die, but I survived and there was much rejoicing. Hmmm…yes.

Then, me and Philip swapped rooms. We’ve been in our flat for three months now, so it was his turn to have the bigger room. The original thought behind grabbing the bigger room was that I thought that neither of us would probably want to go through the hassle of moving rooms and that I would get to stay in the bigger room forever and ever and ever…yes, I’m sneaky like that….but, but…three months later I couldn’t stand the bigger room and I was more than happy to swap. And swapped we did and put stuff on the walls and the room already feels alot more like "my room" than the other one ever did. Me likes.

Other exciting news…hmm…..I bought tea bags for the first time in my life. Elizabeth has taught me to like tea, so I guess I can remove that from the “I’d like to meet” bit on my myspace profile…. So, yes tea with sugar and Soya milk is rather yum….

Hmmm…some exciting things happening in the next week or so.

  • Shooting At Un-Armed Men are playing at The Pleasure Unit in Bethnal Green on Monday 10th July. They always put on an excellent show, so whoever’s into that kinda thing should come with me.
  • Les George Leningrad are playing the Artrocker club on Tuesday 11th July…they kinda make my head hurt…in a good way…and I would quite like to see them, but I think the money might be a bit tight.
  • Peter, Bjorn and John are playing at The Legion on Old Street on Wednesday 12th July…anyone up for Swedish indie funness? – check them out on http://www.myspace.com/peterbjornandjohn. Young Folks is a classic.
  • Then next Sunday (16th July) it’s the Tin Pan Alley Festival (http://www.tinpanalleyfestival.co.uk) on Denmark Street. Bromhead’s Jacket and Fuck-Off Machete are two of many exciting bands playing and it’s FREE, FREE, FREE…so really…you need to go…or I need to go anyway. So, yes...leftwithsars, my dear...we should go there...screw your touristy plans.....go free moosic!!!

    Now it’s lunch time. Thanks for listening.
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Bullaff or girull? That's the question. [Jul. 3rd, 2006|11:38 am]
[music |Of Montreal]

”Could it be that I’m in love?
I think I’ve had too much coffee.
Shaking like Mohammed Ali.
I think I’ve had too much coffee.”

So, I've been pretty rubbish at updating this journal lately. There are many reasons behind this, the main one being that I haven't really been in a writing mood at all. Also, my life has just been rather nice and amazing in every possible way lately and who wants to hear about that? Surely this is a place for moaning and bitching about everything and nothing? Yes? Anyway, today I feel like writing....so much that I actually considered doing some "real" writing, like actually looking at one of the many scripts I've started but never finished. But that would just be crazy. I haven't done anything creative in so long I wouldn't even know where to start. Hmmm. Maybe I will

I'm feeling a little bit concerned about the insane amount of alcohol I've been drinking recently. It’s not like I have been permanently drunk; it’s mostly been quite civilized…but it’s probably not too healthy to be permanently tipsy. Hmmm.
In other news, today I booked two tickets to Sweden in August. Elizabeth is the first girlfriend I have ever taken to Sweden and the thought of going there with her is pretty much the most exciting thing ever. EVER! Unfortunately it’s only for three nights, cause neither of us can really afford to take too much time off work etc, but it’ll be fun, fun, fun. I don’t think I’ve been to Sweden during summertime since 1999 or something ridiculous like that. After buying these two tickets I am now ridiculously poverty-stricken….again. I think I might have £8 to last me until Friday! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! My mum will refund me for the tickets, but she probably won’t be able to transfer any money for another couple of weeks. Boo!

Work is a bit ass as usual, but I’ve been trained up to do something that actually requires a little bit of brain activity. Yes! I no longer have to fear being replaced by a brain dead monkey!!!

Hmmm….see, now I’m stuck again. I really can’t write about good things in here. It just feels wrong. I could write about being in love and all the amazing things that has happened over the last few weeks, but it’s just not me….and this is not the place for it. No.

I’m gonna buy some soup. Yum.

Rubbish entry. Sue me.
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(no subject) [Jun. 22nd, 2006|10:37 am]
[mood |happyhappy]

Hmmm....so it's been a few days...over a week even...since my last post. I've been thinking about what to do with this journal...what to use it for and so on...I even considered making it private and just use it as a "normal" diary and I spent quite some time at work trying to make all my previous entries private. BUT, after having made the last 50 private I realised that you couldn't go back further than that without putting in the actual date of the entry you wanted to change....and that would have taken years, so I went through the last 50 entries again and changed their status back to public. Haha.

But yes...I'm still not sure what to do with it....with a girlfriend who doesn't want me to write about her and a philipfriend who has been known to overanalyze/exaggerate things I write and talk about it with other people...yes you, philip! haha...no, but seriously...I used to use it to moan about everything and exaggerate my feelings about people and events etc, mainly so that I didn't have to moan so much to my friends, but I'm feeling a lot less moany at the moment and it seems rather pointless to just keep writing entries like "today I had breakfast, then I went to work, it was shit, then I went home and had dinner, then I went to the pub, then I went to bed"...but at least that would mean no annoying real-life discussions about my entries. haha.

Anyway...I went to the 02 Wireless festival thingymajings in Hyde Park with Elizabeth yesterday. The evil bastards were charging £7 for programmes with line-ups. WTF! How does that even make sense? I've paid £40 to get in and there's no way I can find out where and when people are playing? Retards! Anyway, we walked around and saw bits of some bands and whole sets of other...

Milk Kan - Rather crappy rubbish hiphopish annoying goop. But, we only saw a song or so....
Gogol Bordello - I've heard a few of their songs and I always thought they'd be interesting live and they looked quite fun, but the sound was shit and the wind was carrying it everywhere, so again...just a song or so from afar.
The Sounds - I know that if you’re Swedish and even remotely interested in indie/alternative music you’re meant to hate The Sounds...but I like their first album, so sue me! However, seeing them live was an entirely different experience and quite disturbing. All the boys in the band were extremely wanky-looking fashionista cuntoids. …and the singer…hmmm….it was quite impressive how someone so attractive, could manage to act so horribly unsexy….very strange…very manly, aggressive and uncomfortable…hmm…but they played Living In America so I survived...the whole set….Elizabeth wasn’t impressed at all and spent most of the time giggling at the ridiculousness of them/it all.
Dirty Pretty Things - Hmmm.....no.....soooo not my thing...and again, the sound was shit.
The Raconteurs - Boooooooring...meh....blah blah...I'm Jack White I'm famous...yadiyadiyadi...no.
Belle & Sebastian - The main reason I went....and I suppose it was a bit disappointing. They played a very short set, the sound was better but still a bit rubbish...and the set list was hmmmm.....not the best...but they were good....main annoying thing was that they were only on for 40 minutes. Boo.
The Strokes - I've never really listened to The Strokes, so many of the songs just went over my head...but then they've had so many hits that it's kinda impossible not to recognise most of the songs anyway...the atmosphere was rather amazing...the sky cleared, it was a beautiful evening and when they played Last Night...yeah baby...twas mighty cool. I thought I was gonna be bored to death watching them for 1 1/2 hours, but the time flew past and it was great. Still wouldn't buy any of their album, tho.

Some things that has happened or that I have realised since the last entry.......

  • The best time and place for eating ice cream is clearly half-asleep in bed at 4:30am.
  • Most football fans are retards.
  • Jens Lekman's Black Cab is the best song ever...well...one on a very long list of best songs ever
  • Champagne makes me superhappydrunk
  • I saw two of the members of Bullet Union on a Camden nightbus
  • Some evil person also tried to steal my wallet at a CAmden nightbus
  • I saw the world's tallest man eating a kebab on a Camden nightbus
  • Sunday picnics in the park are the bestest
  • I like cheese
  • I could get used to this tea thing you Brits have got going
  • I've phoned several friends that I miss alot...I should do that more often
  • I've had a myspace for what feels like forever...I'm just about to reach 1000 views...why am I not more popular?? WHY??? haha...are you meant to celebrate when you reach four digits?
  • I should really send a postcard to my grandmother
  • I'm going to Sweden in August
  • I'm bored
  • I'm ridiculously poor...but, I have £1.78 left on my overdraft so at least I can buy a sandwich for lunch. Not sure how I'll get in to town after work, tho. Hmmmm.
  • My friends John and Sade should be coming through on Saturday. This makes me most excited, cause they're like two of the bestest people ever.
  • Ok, almost lunch time. Should do some work. I'm sure there was something I was meant to write about, but I forgot.

    Hmmmmm........the end for now
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a moment of clarity [Jun. 14th, 2006|12:19 pm]
[mood |lalalalalalalalala]

Has anyone else realised how guitar plectrums have the same general shape as the heads of aliens?
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Alot of thoughts in Nik's head...most of them good [Jun. 12th, 2006|01:53 pm]
[mood |happyhappy]


Things are great. Other things are strange. Some things are just stupid. At least, nothing's bad.

Hmmmm...I expect this journal will be a bit empty in the next few days, weeks whatever....I really have nothing to say, cause it would involve customizing friends lists and it's really not important enough. Shit happens, you win some and you loose some and all that jazz. Time will tell.

Anyway...my weekend was absolutely amazing...from Thursday through to this morning. Now I'm back at work, so of course it's all a bit suckass at the moment. Some amazing things happened, some weird things happened, some stupid things happened...

Went to see Camera Obscura again last night, which was amazing and fantastic and sweet and lalalalala.

I'm gonna buy proper food after work and then go running. Yayness!


This is probably the worst entry I have ever written. I apologize for that.

I am very happy. Have a good week, kids.
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